Becici Peak, The Great Selfie and Sunset Spot in Yogyakarta

Every traveler will plan to go to a tourism destination because of their attractiveness and availability of time. The various attractions they expressed included interesting photo objects, beautiful natural atmosphere, unique local content, and other comfort values. The ease of access to technology has the effect of easily promoting and getting information about tourist destinations. Above that, there have been many new tourism destinations initiated by civil society in Yogyakarta.

Sunset dari Bukti Becici. Terlihat gugusan Gunung Sumbing dan Sindoro

Sunset view from Becici Peak. Seen Sindoro and Sumbing moutain. Beside also seen Merbabu and Merapi. Photo: khayate/DT

Enjoying sunset view are the main attraction offered by several destinations in Bantul regency. One of them is Becici Peak in Munthuk village, Dlingo sub-district. Becici Peak began to fame after Barack Obama, the 44th former president of the United States (2009-2017) on 6/29/2017. The impact of Obama’s visit to Becici Hill increased the number of visits. Travelers call it Obama Effect.

According to Lanjaryadi, one of the managers of Becici Peak, the name “Becici” itself comes from the word “Mbeciki” (in javanesse)¬†which means mbagusi , make good, or improve. The tourism area with an area of 4.3 hectares is located on the Perhutani land which is a pine forest. Perhutani is state company about forests. The main attraction of Becici Peak is to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

Becici Peak is managed by the youth of Munthuk village residents. Since 2016, they have worked together to tidy up the hills and have been creative in making spots for photos, arranging installation art properties, providing various tourist rides, preparing road access to the main spots to other facilities and infrastructure. There are 40 villagers who are the main actors of tourism management in Dlingo sub-district which are sheltered by the Notowono cooperative.

There is an increase in the welfare of citizens after the pioneering of tourism objects. This is acknowledged by Lanjaryadi. He revealed, the youth who had only played motorbike racing that led to negative things, now they did a lot of positive things to earn income from managing Becici Peak. The positive things mentioned include, the increasing number of young people who improve the way of communicating with other people (guests), the more able to dress, and appreciate more hard work and mutual cooperation (it called as gotong-royong).

Details of Becici Peak Specifications

Following are the details of Becici Peak tourist locations that can be your reference for visiting:

Entry ticket and parking fee

  • Entry ticket: IDR 2.000,- per person
  • Parking fee for Bike: Rp. 2.000,-
  • Parking fee for Car: Rp. 5.000,-
  • Parking fee for Bus: Rp. 10.000,-

Open Gate/Operational Time

Becici’s Peak gate open from 05.00am until 19.00pm WIB

Becici Peak Facilities

  • 2 spots for enjoying sunset
  • Some installation art properties that can be used for selfie. Each spot with guards who can receive voluntary donations for the care of tourist sites.
  • 3 toilet points
  • 2 praying room points (musholla)
  • 1 hall to hold events / gatherings, capacity of 80 people. Rental price: Rp. 250,000, – per 4 hours.
  • Camping ground under pine forest. Rent camping place: Rp. 15,000 per night. Tent rental (capacity of 4 people): Rp. 50,000, – per night
  • Culinary, there are many food and beverage stalls managed by residents
  • The vehicle hangs between pine trees using a hammock.
  • Tradisional massage
  • Parking capacity is quite large, can accommodate 400 motorbikes, 20 cars and 6 buses.

Access to Becici Peak

There is no public transportation access from downtown Yogyakarta to Becici Peak. For those of you who will visit Becici Peak using a motorcycle, make sure the engine condition is in top condition and can do maximum braking. Likewise for car and bus vehicles, it requires sufficient driving agility. For those of you who are from outside Yogyakarta using train or plane, you should rent a vehicle. We provide rental vehicles at reasonable prices. Travel time to Becici Hill from downtown Yogyakarta is approximately 45 minutes using motorized vehicles.


The location of Becici Hill can be reached through two routes, namely:
1. City of Yogya, Imogiri, Mangunan, Becici Peak
2. City of Yogya, Pleret, Eggplant, Becici Peak

Bukit Becici is very child-friendly, but it is less friendly for the elderly and disabled people. To reach the sunset spot, it only takes 5-10 minutes to walk from the parking point of 250 meters. Pedestrian paths have been constructed from concrete structures and made in steps. For the sake of comfort and discretion, you should visit not on holidays, because of the risk of crowded visitors.

Best time for visit Becici Peak

Becici Peak is very well visited before the sunset, which is at 16.00-18.00 WIB. For those of you who avoid night trips, Becici Peak is also well worth visiting in the morning and afternoon. You can enjoy the cool atmosphere of the pine forest mountains. You can also see Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu and Merapi mountains. Even if the weather is sunny, you can see the south coast of Becici Peak.

Other destinations near Becici Peak

There are many destinations in the Dlingo district which can be enjoyed around Becici Peak, including:

  • Air Terjun Banyunibo
  • Bukit Lintang Sewu
  • Hutan Pinus
  • Watu Goyang
  • Seribu Batu Songgo Langit
  • Watu Lawang
  • Kebun Buah Mangunan
  • Jurang Tembelan
  • Gia Gajah
  • Bukit Mojo
  • Bukit Panguk
  • Watu Mabur
  • Pinus Pengger
  • Air Terjun Lepo
  • Air Terjun Randusari

The list of tourism objects above should be addressed before enjoying the sunset on Becici Peak.

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