Sosok Peak Gives Sunset Spot and Romantic Night Conversation

A romantic evening atmosphere can be enjoyed after we watch the sunset from the Sosok Peak. The hilltop located in Dusun Jambon, Bawuran Village, Pleret, Bantul Regency,  Yogyakarta has become a new choice to enjoy a night conversation after college or work activities. Panorama of sunset and night comfort tours are the main offer of Sosok Peak. In addition, for you who like bicycle downhill, can explore the downhill track here. The starting point of the downhill line is right next to the entrance of the Sosok Peak. This path is better known before as Gebang Peak.

Warung Bambu Puncak Sosok menyajikan wedangan dan kuliner malam. Foto: Khayat/DolanTrip. Sunset Jogja Nightlife wisata romantis
Bamboo Stand presents traditional food and drinks. Photo: Khayat/DolanTrip

Sosok Peak is tight with stones, wood and bamboo. When we first entered the Sosok Peak area, we were greeted with Bawuran’s youth art creations in the form of bamboo stalls, garden lights, wooden swings, and family seats. The nightly chatter became warm, focused, and romantic while sitting on wooden swings or seats (we call it saung) that side by side with the dim artistic bamboo lights. In addition, visitors can enjoy acoustic music on the main stage made of bamboo.

Lampu bambu dan pemandangan kota jogja. Foto: Khayat/DolanTrip. Sunset Jogja Nightlife wisata romantisBamboo lamp and view of Jogja city. Photo: Khayat/DolanTrip

Sosok Peak or the other name Jabal Kelor (mount of kelor trees) officially opened since January 1’st, 2018. The opening of this tourism object is intended to improve the welfare of citizens and become a medium of knowledge exchange. There are 5 bamboo stand selling food and drinks to accompany visitor’s night conversation.

The typical dish that is unique from Sosok Peak is Sego Wiwit (Sego: Rice, Wiwit: Beginning). Based on its history, Sego Wiwit is presented as a form of hope and gratitude to the Creator. Sego Wiwit is usually served when the ritual starts the rice planting period. However, now Sego Wiwit in Bawuran Village is only a culinary dish. This was told by Krisdianto, one of the activist of Sosok Peak.

The livelihoods of the Bawuran people are mostly from agriculture, livestock and crafts. There are activities of citizens who become educational attractions, namely residents’ cattle farms, herbal remedies (we call it jamu), and bamboo crafts. If you are interested in visiting Sosok Peak, we are willing to take you.

The existence of the Piyungan Integrated Waste Disposal Site (TPST) which is located below the Sosok Peak does not disturb visitors. The smell of garbage from Peak can only be detected if the direction of the wind blows to the west. Although this is a challenge for managing Sosok Peak tourism objects to increase visitors’ comfort.

Panggung utama Puncak Sosok menjadi tempat ekspresi seni dan tempat menikmati sunset. Foto: Khayat/DolanTrip. Sunset Jogja Nightlife wisata romantis
Main stage for art performance and sunset spot of Sosok Peak. Photo: Khayat/DolanTrip

There are details of Sosok Peak tour locations that can be your reference for visiting here:

Entrance ticket and parking fee

There is no entrance ticket in Sosok Peak.  Visitors only pay parking fee.  Altough not fixed of parking fee, generaly the parking fee almost in range IDR 2000 for bike and IDR 5000 for car.

Sosok Peak Facilities

  • 1 main stage, became place for art performance and accousting music
  • 5 stands sells traditional food and drinks
  • some hange out spot in the form of chairs, swings, saung, andfloor mat
  • 1 meeting hall
  • 1 toilet area and praying room (musholla)
  • downhill track alongside 1,3 kilometers. Tarif: Rp. 15.000,-
  • Wide parking area capacity which can including 100 bikes and 10 cars.
  • No bus access to parking area

Routine Events

There is a morning gymnastics every Sunday morning. In addition, Sosok Peak also became a place of independence ceremonies every year. Flag droping when sunset became unique panorama and dramatic moment.

Operational Time

Sosok Peak opened from 06.00 am until midnight.

Good time to visit

You should visit not during daylight, because we can be sure the weather is quite hot. Unless you intend to enjoy the downhill path, you can visit from morning to afternoon. The best time to visit is before sunset until midnight (16.00 – 00.00).

Route Access to Sosok Peak

You can go to Sosok Peak from Yogyakarta city via the south ring road, Jalan Pleret, to meet the direction of the Sosok Peak tourism object or Gebang Peak. If you drive a car, access from the main road can only be passed by one car. The manager has provided a guide to avoid deviations before the entrance. There are no bus or car lines with a width of more than two meters. For those of you who are from outside Yogyakarta using train or plane, you should rent a car. We provide car rental at reasonable prices.

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